Youth Mental Health:

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Database of Mental Health (and other) Service Providers Across Australia


Community Services Database: search for service providers in a number of fields across Australia

Helplines and Online Counselling Support:

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Other organisations working with youth mental health and suicide prevention:

Young and Well: Cooperative Research Centre – Exploring the role of technologies in improving young people’s mental health

Mental Health Council of Australia

Young Minds: UK resouce containing a wealth of information for young people, parents and professionals

United Synergies: Queensland not-for-profit organisation working with youth in a range of different ways.

The Calm Zone: Campaign Against Living Miserably – website aimed at young adults

The Supreme Project: European resource – Suicide Prevention through Internet and Media Mental Health Promotion

You Matter American Suicide Prevention Website aimed at young adults

Health Talk Online: UK Based resource put together by a team of researchers who interviewed a range of people experience different physical and mental health concerns. Interviews have been documented and are available in written or visual form.

The Jack Project: Promoting health and wellbeing for youth in Canada

Australian Mental Health Resources for Youth Anxiety: A great educational Blendspace put together by my colleague, Steve Robinson

Voices 4 Hope: A site of resources for young people and professionals – created and maintained by four young people with mental health conditions

Innovation Lab: A collaborative project by young people – building seven different apps to improve mental health

Online Tools for Adolescents:


Mood Gym: An online tool for young people to learn cognitive behaviour skills for preventing and coping with depression

Workout: Online training program that improves mental fitness (ReachOut resource)

Useful Apps and online tools for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

ReachOutCentral: Online Game (an awesome resource – love it)

Safety Plan: An App that assist a person to develop a safety plan for suicide prevention

@ppreciate a Mate: a tool to enable young people to send a compliment to a friend

Fig: Personal wellness guide for body and soul – helps to positively motivate the user in a range of different life areas (breathing, exercise etc)

Health Through Breath: Contains breathing techniques for stress relief

The Fifth Army: Headspace initiative – ‘game’ app aimed at improving mental health literacy – designed in conjunction with Cotton On Clothing Company

Smiling Mind: Modern meditation for young people

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: Analyses sleep patterns and wakes user in the lighest state of sleep so they wake feel rested and alert.

Depression Monitor: Allows the user to track and monitor their experience of depression.

Programs for Implementation within the School Context (for suicide prevention and youth mental health):

ReachOut for Professionals: Content, tools and technology for professionals supporting youth mental health and wellbeing.

The ‘DEAL’ Program (A UK based service – link has great resources, including lesson plans to be used in schools on youth mental health)

Living Works ASIST Program (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)

Headsmart: A universal depression education program, specifically designed for young people

Mental Health and Wellbeing: Resources, programs and research – enhancing the capacity of secondary schools to support students with high needs (Australian Guidance and Counselling Association)

The STORM Training Package (Skills-based Training on Risk Management)

Teen Mental Health: An abundance of resources for teens, parents and educators

Suicide Prevention: A Toolkit for High Schools (great American resource on managing suicide prevention in High Schools)

Sources of Strength: a best practice youth suicide prevention project that utilizes the power of peer social networks to change unhealthy norms and culture and ultimately prevent suicide,bullying and substance abuse.

Collaborations, Conferences, Groups and Networks Connected to Youth Mental Health

International Association for Youth Mental Health: International Mental Health Conference

Unleash the Noise: Student Mental Health Innovation Summit in Canada (run by young people for young people)

Safe and Responsible Use of Technology:

Keep it Tame: Online Tool for Young Adults (I love this resource, awesome)

ACMA Cybersmart

Better Practice Guide: Using Technologies Safely and Effectively to Promote Young People’s Wellbeing: A Better Practice Guide for Services (Young and Well CRC)

eSmart: Helps schools effectively manage cybersafety and deal with cyberbullying and bullying.

Link to the ‘Cybersafety Help Button’ Download Page    .cybersafety button

‘Mindfulness’ Resources for Teachers

This Way Up: Free online course called Intro to Mindfulness

Living Mindfully Now: Dr Ian Ellis-Jones

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre

The Mindfulness in Schools Project (UK)

Mindful.Org: practices in mindfulness across all areas of daily life

Data on Youth Suicide:

‘Explaining the Rise in Youth Suicide’ by David M. Cutler Edward L. Glaeser Karen E. Norberg

Mindframe: Australian Statistical Data on Youth Suicide

Resources on Suicide Prevention

International Association for Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Resource Centre: US based resource – contains a wealth of information

Australia’s National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

New Zealand’s National Strategy for Suicide Prevention ‘NZ Suicide Prevention Action Plan’

UK National Suicide Prevention Strategy: ‘Preventing Suicide in England: A cross-government outcomes strategy to save lives’

The Action Alliance (United States Partnership Advancing the US National Strategy for Suicide Prevention)

How to spot the early signs of mental health issues

Relevant Journal Articles and Academic Research Papers

Dr Jenny Mitchell Melbourne University

Zero to Eight: Young Children and their Internet Use: Holloway,D., Green, L. and Livingstone, S.

Resources for Rural Australia:


Armidale based organisation


Resources from outside Australia:

Parents Guide: How to Help Your Teen Cope With Mental Health Issues: The Recovery Village

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