Letter of Endorsement from Mr. Peter Turner, Director of Schools, Catholic Education Office of Wollongong:



Letter of Endorsement from Pam Smith, Convenor – Women and Equity Committee:


What are participants saying about the Awaken Youth Workshops? See a range of testimonials below:

“Having a broad range of experience in Pastoral Care initiatives, Donna has a deep knowledge of what is very challenging (but necessary) subject matter. She delivers this sensitive material in an engaging way and shows educators practical means of supporting youth in need. With so many young people in crisis, I would highly recommend Donna working with your School staff and allowing them to see how vital open conversations can be. Thank you Donna.” (Matt McMahon, Assistant Principal, Mount Carmel Catholic College, Varroville)

“Donna Redman presented the staff with an engaging, grounded and optimistic workshop that gave the staff relevant information and realistic steps to take if faced with a situation where a student may be at risk. This was an excellent introduction.” (Judith Hurley, Acting Assistant Principal, Edmund Rice College, Wollongong).

“Donna presented the workshop in a professional manner. She was highly knowledgeable in the area of suicide prevention and was engaging throughout the entire workshop. I learnt a great deal and could have listened to her all day! The clips, statistics, activities, stories and demonstrations were really valuable and I learnt alot. Thankyou!” (Michelle Garbutt, Middle Leader, St Joseph’s High School, Albion Park)

“Donna was a most professional, approachable and engaging presenter. The content was most useful and her methods of delivery kept everyone engaged and informed. Very well done, thank you!” (Marty Pannell, Teacher, St Joseph’s Albion Park)

“The workshop was very interesting and effective. I didn’t feel overwhelmed with information, which is a positive thing and I feel much more confident to effectively address these issues with my students.” (Teacher MCCC)

Great presenter! Presentation was engaging with the use of infographics. Thankyou for sharing you knowledge and passion with us!” (Mary Reyes, Middle Leader, Loyola SHS)

“Gave me a lot more confidence when dealing with students experiencing difficulties, particularly those who are self-harming.” (Middle Leader)

“A wonderful, insightful and professional presentation. A perfect introduction to this very serious and confronting contemporary issue.” (Samantha Boreham, Assistant Principal, Loyola SHS)

“Brilliant and thankyou. One of the most, if not the most useful PD I’ve ever done.” (Chrissy Payne, teacher, Loyola SHS)

“Your passion and care for this topic is so evident and your insight was really helpful!” (Teacher)

“Concise yet comprehensive workshop on how to deal with a difficult issue. Speaker was engaging and insightful. I would thoroughly recommend this training to all teaching professionals.” (Mat, Teacher, Edmund Rice College)

“Excellent – as a parent and a teacher.” (Middle Leader, Nagle College)

“Well done Donna, you present really well, very clear and the time spent in actually assisting teachers with the ‘how to’ was refreshing and very meaningful.” (Middle Leader MCCC)

“Should be compulsory PD for all teachers.” (Sam Fleri, Teacher, Loyola SHS)

“Very well executed and great examples (scenarios).” (Teacher)

“The presentation was shocking and timely. I have always feared having the conversation with students. I feel more confident to approach it now.” (Antionette Meade, Teacher, Loyola SHS)

“I was most impressed and shocked by stats. I loved your presentation – keep up the good work! We need to lobby the government to do more, given the stats.” (K Magill, Support Staff, ERC)

“An excellent workshop that was relevant, informative and interesting. It is real. Thankyou kindly.” (Judy Smith, Middle Leader, Loyola SHS)

“Excellent workshop and great that it was so focussed and aimed at our role as teachers.” (Teacher)

“Great! A lot of difficult topics/scenarios covered but many strategies/steps to support these were identified.” (School Leadership MCCC)

“This was timely, great presenter.” (School Leadership, Nagle College)

“It was fantastic, thankyou!” (Teacher)

“Excellent presentation, very informative and polished.” (Teacher)

“Great presentation: slick and professional!” (Teacher)

“An hour well spent! Thank you!” (Simona Bellomo, Teacher, ERC)

“If this workshop saves a life it’s been worth it!” (Greg Carey, Middle Leader ERC)

“Great work – I hope many more schools get to do this workshop.” (Helen Knowles, Student Teacher).

“For a one hour talk, perfect!” (Rosemary, Support Staff, ERC)

“Extremely worthwhile, great presenter – kept my interest and attention the whole time.” (GC, Teacher, ERC)

“Thank you – excellent presentation, most informative.” (Renate, Teacher, ERC)

“Fantastic, informative, very relevant workshop.” (Sarah Mackenzie, Teacher, ERC)

“Great, well pitched and interesting.” (Teacher, ERC)

“Presenter was very engaging and her passion and knowledge was clearly demonstrated.” (Teacher, Loyola SHS)

“Workshop was excellent. I would have like more time for it.” (Teacher, ERC)

“Great workshop. Good to keep up with what the research tells us to do.” (Dianne Mills, Teacher, Loyola SHS)

“Thankyou. Very helpful. Demystified myths about suicide and suicide discourse.” (Teacher, Loyola SHS)

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