We love life.

That’s why we’re so serious when it comes to our core mission:

“the delivery of specialized suicide prevention workshops to equip educators, parents and students with skills and confidence to aid in the prevention of child and youth suicide”

In Australia, suicide is by far the leading cause of death for young people aged 15 – 25.

We believe that it doesn’t need to be that way.

We believe that it’s possible to train teachers, parents, youth workers, youth group leaders – anyone who works closely with young people – to recognise the warning signs of young people at risk and intervene safely.

What is Gatekeeper Training?

The term ‘Gatekeeper’ was coined by the suicide prevention movement. A Gatekeeper is anyone who has the capacity to recognise a young person in need and connect them to the professional services that they require. A Gatekeeper is not a mental health professional, but they do hold the keys to unlock avenues of support desperately needed. They assist young people by acting in a preventative, proactive way.

Teachers and support staff within schools have a huge capacity to act as Gatekeepers for the young people in their care. However, what is often lacking is the confidence to know what to do, when to act and what to say. In many instances, this lack of confidence paralyzes staff, stopping them from intervening, even if they have the desire to be of support.

That’s where Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training is so very important.

This form of training assists adults to identify young people at risk and link them effectively to mental health professionals, providing them with the support they need. It is aimed to develop confidence by providing the tools and skills necessary to recognise when support is needed and the most appropriate methods of intervention.

OPTION ONE: Register for an upcoming Suicide Prevention Training Workshop:

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OPTION TWO: Arrange an Awaken Youth Workshop to be presented at your school, library, parent group etc:

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