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Hello all,

Donna and Awakening Sebastian

This next update is exceptionally exciting for me. A nine year creative journey came to fruition this week when the first shipment of novels arrived at my door. Being able to pick up a novel I had written and flick through the pages was a downright divine experience. It’s certainly testament to the fact that with enough determination, persistence and belief any dream can become reality. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a published author, but of more importance to me is the message of this novel. The purpose of the text is clear – it is written to assist in the prevention of youth suicide. The novel itself is unique, written from Sebastian’s perspective – a 17 year old guy on his HSC journey as he battles depression and the highs and lows he encounters on his journey. The reader is placed in his mind, experiencing only his words and thoughts – making this text uniquely individual. You won’t find a novel like it. The structure is unique too – starting with the key event and tracing Sebastian’s journey backwards into the past to the start of his year, and forwards into the future to the end of his year.

The novel draws upon the countless interactions I have had with students over the course of my teaching career. I’ve watched them struggle through hardship and I’ve also been amazed at their courage and determination. This novel is a melting pot of real life circumstances and the experiences of those young people who’ve privileged me with their stories. I’m eternally grateful for each and every one of them and the way that they’ve shaped me and this novel.

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I hope that you’ll read and enjoy this novel. I also hope that you pass it on and share it with the young people in your own lives, to remind them of just how precious life is and that they have the power within them to overcome adversity and build a life that fulfills them completely. Ultimately, a novel is not important unless it’s read – so that’s my new focus, to get it read by as many people as I possibly can. I am aware that some may find the content controversial and challenging – but that’s the point. It’s time to really start talking about the significantly taboo topic of suicide.

My baby and I had a great time yesterday posting off all of the preordered copies. I’m so excited to know that this novel, which has been such a large part of my journey over the past nine years, is now being shared with the world. If you would like to order a copy, please visit my website. It is available in all good online bookstores in ebook and paperback. You can also order directly through me, particularly if you’d like a signed copy. To order simply visit

Thanks to everyone who has provided me with support, encouragement, guidance and direction on this journey. I’m so excited that this dream has become reality and I’m so very grateful to all who assisted me along the way.

Donna šŸ™‚

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