Awaken: Suicide Prevention Workshops for Teachers

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I have to say a huge thank you for all of the support I have received following the publication of the article in Sydney Morning Herald this past Saturday. The response has been quite overwhelming (in a very positive way) and I really appreciate all of the encouragement I’ve received.

I just wanted to pop up a post about the GateKeeper (Suicide Prevention) Training Workshops I’ve put together, specifically for teachers in schools. Following my International Research Tour back in 2013, the most significant conclusion I drew from all of my learning experiences, was the importance of providing support and training for teachers to act as ‘GateKeepers’ in schools. Put simply, a GateKeeper is someone who works closely with young people and has the capacity to pick up on early warning signs and connect them to Mental Health Professionals, enabling the young person to access the support that they need. I decided to use all of the resources I gathered and put together training sessions that work best within the confines and logistics of the school environment.

The flyer can be accessed here: gatekeeper training flyer

It contains details of the two workshop styles I offer. Most schools are opting for the 50 minute workshop. I designed it this way so that it can fit neatly into a staff meeting timeslot. Therefore, all staff can attend there is minimal cost to the school (no need to hire casuals etc for teachers who go out for the day to attend training and then need time to disseminate the information). 

If you would like to book me to come in and address your staff please don’t hesitate to contact me. All of my details are on the flyer I’ll post here.

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