“God Dag!” – that’s “G’day” in Norwegian

I updated my last blog with a few of the photos I took at the school visits during my stay in Dubai and some of the lovely people who graciously hosted me at Dubai Gem and Al Diyafah schools.

After a short layover in London, I’ve now arrived in the amazing city of Oslo. I said ‘Sahha’ (goodbye) to my parents at the airport this morning as we parted ways – they are spending some time in Malta while I attend the conference here in Norway. We had a 3:15am pickup from our London hotel this morning and our taxi driver was exceptionally chatty for that time of the morning… He instructed me to stay in touch with my parents because “parents always worry – even when you’re grown up”. Yeah, yeah, I got it. He’d be happy to know I’ve checked in and we’re all good.

Wait, check in, bag drop, security check, breakfast, scan airport shops, wait some more, board, take off, fly, touch down, disembark, passport check, luggage pick up, fast train, walk… Check in – Thon Hotel Europa, Oslo.

After freshening up I spent some time getting my bearings in this beautiful city. I can only describe it as a gigantic art exhibition – there are sculptures on every corner, creative architecture that subverts the realms of reality and museums everywhere.. This city is seemlessly combines a rich history with a shmick techno savvy present. It is lively, open, clean and beautiful. I know I will enjoy spending the next six days here. I mentioned in my last blog that Norway is the second happiest place on earth – and, I must admit, I really felt that vibe this afternoon as I wandered around. Everywhere I ventured families were gathered enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful afternoon sunshine. There is certainly a harmonious feeling here – people seemed joyous and peaceful. I wonder if the vibe will carry over to monday morning peak?

I have allocated tomorrow to finalise my schedule for the conference I am here to attend – the ‘International Association for Suicide Prevention World Congress’. There are quite a few sessions running concurrently so I want to ensure that I’ve planned to attend the workshops that will be most beneficial for my research. I also need to spend some time confirming some upcoming appointments for the rest of the trip.. The five day conference starts on Tuesday with pre-conference workshops. I’m booked in to do one on ‘Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy in Treatment of Suicidal Depression’.

For those interested in seeing the full conference program, you can access it here: https://www5.shocklogic.com/scripts/jmevent/programme.php?client_Id=CC&project_Id=1302

I’m really looking forward to what I’m going to learn at this conference. Stay tuned over the coming days as I’ll post some of the key findings pertinent to teachers in schools everywhere. After the visits to the International schools in Dubai, it is clear that, in our globally connected world, many of the concerns faced by our young people are now universal concerns..

Signing off for now!

Ha Det! (that’s Norwegian for ‘good bye’)

2 thoughts on ““God Dag!” – that’s “G’day” in Norwegian

  1. Gail Tarrant says:

    Hi Donna,
    Would be very interested in some of the findings from the Mindfulness treatment of suicidal depression workshop. Specifically, if the research supports this as a practice for ‘green’ zone kids, or an intervention for those in the yellow and red zones?
    Love the blog-
    Take care,

    1. Donna Redman says:

      Hi Gail, I’ll certainly find out what I can. If they don’t cover it I’ll be sure to ask. The two lecturers who are presenting the workshop are from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. Here is the link to their site which has some good background info on mindfulness based approaches: http://oxfordmindfulness.org/

      I’ll keep you posted on what I discover. Hope all is well back in the Gong 🙂

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