Waiting to Board

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and support and for taking the time to follow this blog. I’ll ensure to keep it updated regularly as I travel and to include findings, resources and relevant information as I go.

The time has finally arrived. I’m here at the airport waiting to board my flight for the big adventure. One thing that makes this even more special is that I’m sharing it with my parents.

The story goes like this.. 35 years ago my mum had booked her own big adventure to Europe.. She cancelled it all to get married after meeting my dad.. He vowed to take her on that trip. For many different reasons that trip never eventuated for my mum and dad. After attending the Award Reception for the scholarship, a few short weeks ago, I went to mum and dad and suggested that they buy themselves a ticket and come along for the ride… It didn’t take much convincing! It was a particularly big deal, especially for my dad (who likes to ponder agonise over the details of everything before committing to a decision). I’m proud of their spontaneity – and as we said in the car on the way to the airport – it goes to show how much you can accomplish in a very short period of time if you make a decision and commit to it.

While I’m busy studying, networking, conferencing etc, they’ve followed my general itinerary but will be off doing their own travel. I feel very blessed to be sharing this experience with them.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of HSC marking, teaching, emails, emails, emails, phone calls, bookings, planning, emails, emails.. It feels surreal to be sitting, waiting to board my flight but the excitement is starting to set in.

In a short period of time I’ll be landing in Abu Dhabi and heading on to Dubai for two international school visits to speak with them about strategies for youth mental health in their wellbeing programs:

– Dubai Gem Private School to meet with Ms Elizabeth George, the school counsellor

– Al Diyafah High School to meet with Mr Peter Winder (Principal), Ms Shetty (vice principal) and Ms Ghosh (school counsellor).

I need to thank Mrs Lorraine Ramchandra, my colleague at John Therry, who assisted me to set up these visits.

Signing off for now… soon to board.

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