World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day

I’m up burning the midnight oil exchanging emails with a contact in Glasgow I’ll be meeting with in a few weeks to finalise some logistics. They’re doing some great work at the Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing.

The clock has just clicked over 12:00pm making today World Suicide Prevention Day. A very significant day in the context of the research I’m about to undertake. In Australia we lose about 2300 lives to suicide each year. I’m hoping that the research I do might – in some small way – help to reduce that statistic by improving our practice in schools.

Suicide Prevention Australia is an organisation doing some fabulous work in this area. They have a goal of halving the number of lives lost by means of suicide by 2023. You can lend your support to their great and important cause by ‘voting for suicide prevention’ on their website. I’ve included the link.

This World Suicide Prevention Day, take the time to learn about suicide, recognise the signs and help make sure that all Australians know that there are ways to get and to give help:

Call….a friend to offer help or ask for help
Chat…everyone likes a chat. Let people know you care
Connect…don’t like the phone or personal chat? Connect online

Make it your goal to have a conversation with at least ONE person today about suicide prevention.

Life is precious.

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